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Home Care Vs. The Alternatives

Home Care Vs. The Alternatives

Like we know, there comes a time in the life where ‘Seniors’ (our aged parents, aunty, or loved one) become very weak and unable to go about their usual daily activity. At this point, we know it is time to give them more than just attention but serious care, love, and monitoring.
When this happens, the first thought that hits us is; who can be of help? We think of our brothers, sisters, friends, grandchildren, etc. and when this doesn’t look appealing, we then seek external support.
Most people struggle to decide between taking seniors to a nursing home, where they are provided with this support or to bring in people who offer home care services. Whichever be the choice, having proper knowledge on the level of care needed is vital.
Research has shown home care services to be mostly preferred by seniors than the nursing homes. Why is it so? Some of these reasons have been listed below.
The Feeling of a Secured Environment
When care and assistance are rendered at home, a feeling of security and comfort envelopes them, especially for those who are used to their homes and feel they can still be of help around the house. They tend to be relaxed and at ease with their situation and also with the people around them. Their loved ones would also be at peace knowing they are in an easily accessible place.
Personal Attention and Companionship
Home caregivers pay personal and concentrated attention to the seniors, therefore, creating room for the quick detection of any threat that may arise. Through their daily activities such as meal taking, medication usage, etc., their level of required care will be promptly determined and adjustment made to timing when necessary. The home caregivers also provide means of companionship and friendship, which can be a positive boost to their health.
Nursing Homes Cost More than In-Home Care
Basically, the more care a senior needs the more money that will be involved, this is a non-negotiable constant. However, home care services are charged per hour while the other is charged per day and after estimation, nursing homes were seen to cost more. This charge would include space, bed, etc., which could be avoided if an in-home care service is adapted.
After settling for a home care service, the next thing would be to decide if you will be going through an agency or directly hire a caregiver. This is entirely up to you; however, agencies provide a more and trusted service. Agencies such as Trinity Home Care Services provide you with qualified caregivers and secure all financial transactions with the aim of offering true quality. Trinity Home Care Services have compassionate caregivers who can come into your home on an hourly basis. We provide different levels of care from companion care to personal care to dementia care. This can provide you the peace of mind knowing that someone is there to assist you or your loved one. In some cases, the home care cost can be reimbursed by longer care benefits, Veteran’s aid or privately funded.
Trinity Home Care Services cherish seniors and their loved ones. For this reason, we ensure you get professional advice, great caregivers and quality service all round. Decided yet? Reach out to us today at and offer your senior true quality.

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